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Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping

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I originally thought that one posting a month was a reasonable and sustainable rate for this blog.

And actually, I still do think that. But I also think I’ve been less than effective at making it happen. Which is why I am going to make up for lost time. In 2009, I made… oh dear… five postings. That leaves a 2009 deficit of seven, plus three so far this year.

And it’s not as though I don’t appreciate the recent attention (for some definition of “recent”) that this blog has gotten. I do appreciate it. However, I don’t plan to make any similar posts in the foreseeable future. There is plenty of other stuff to talk about!

Working at Microsoft is an odd experience in some ways, because the company is so epically big that its output varies widely. So on the one hand there are plenty of failures to be embarrassed about, but on the other hand there are sometimes big wins that bring a kind of transitive corporate patriotic pride. For example, I never wanted a Windows phone before; no one had much good to say about them. But the bizarrely named Windows 7 Phone Series phones look great and I want one badly.

In fact, now I really need one, because I recently lost my only cell phone. So the question now is whether I can live without any cell phone whatsoever until these new goodies ship. They’d better ship in fall 2010 or I might have to go over somewhere and slap someone. Really, it is mostly catchup with the iPhone, but it is still nice to see a big company get with the program.

Next up: hacking resolutions for 2010!


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2010/04/13 at 21:13

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