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Quiet, but busy

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Programmer blogs not uncommonly go dark for extended periods.  Those of us who work on fully open projects are probably the most loquacious, but that’s a minority.  Those of us who work on projects that aren’t publicly announced sometimes have a much harder time, because a lot of energy goes into awesome things that you just can’t tell the world about.  Yet.

That’s definitely been the case with me.  My quietude here recently is in inverse proportion to my productivity and energy at work.

But there’s one update I can give.  One of the best things about my current job is the caliber of people I work with.  Specifically, Rico Mariani became my boss last summer, and Neal Gafter is currently my mentor.  (Microsoft has a semi-official mentoring plan and I seem to have lucked out.)  Rico is quite well-known inside Microsoft, and Neal is quite well-known outside, and I’m doing my best to maximize my clue absorption bandwidth.

Best.  Learning.  Opportunities.  EVER!

Now I’m going to sign off (again!) and work on Hacking Project #2 during the 120 minutes remaining before sleep.  Like I said, I may be quiet, but I’m busy….


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2011/03/02 at 22:40

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