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Windows Phone 7 gets reactive

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OK so yes I am happy that all MS employees will get a Windows 7 phone.  I lost my last cellphone several months ago and have been limping along with a $20 TracFone that likes nothing more than connecting to random web sites and eating my meager share of prepaid minutes, all because I wanted to wait for the W7 phones.  So this is a nice bonus.

Meanwhile I have this Holofunk idea (see a couple of posts ago), and who knows what phones these days can do?  Also MS makes it really easy to get the W7 dev tools.

But the icing on this cake I’m considering baking is the Rx library for reactive programming, which ships as part of the SDK.  Check out the members of the IObservable interface.  If you aren’t familiar with the entire reactive concept, check out this and this.  I’m a firm believer in this way of structuring event-driven apps, and suddenly the prospect of writing a W7 phone app just got a whole lot more appealing.  Stay tuned!

Also, if anyone knows anything about sound recording through the W7Phone SDK, feel very free to share 🙂  It looks like this is the current contender… but… does it actually work?  On actual phones???

And now this post is becoming a liveblog of my surfing for info on this issue.  Danny Chen is the man on the scene in this very encouraging thread.  Looks like XNA is also the way to go; good to know.  And what’s more he is currently active on the XNA audio forum which could be a great resource.  Lots of people playing with audio on this, it sounds like!


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