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Early 2018: Audible Progress!

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Well, after three months of hacking, I’m very happy to have my low latency C++ streaming audio library in a genuinely working state:

It comes with both a little live looping demo UWP app and a fairly complete data structure unit test library, even.

I am genuinely surprised at how modern C++ is actually becoming a reasonable language for Windows programming.  The astoundingly good C++/WinRT library was indispensable for writing this.  co_await now makes multithreaded C++ as pleasant as “await” in C#.  Modern C++ ownership idioms (std::move, std::unique_ptr) mean that memory management is clean, correct, and efficient.  I enjoyed this entire project, and I never, ever thought I would say that about writing C++.

There is much more to do with this library, and I will be doing it.  I will probably create a “dev” branch for my personal work.  Feel free to fork; this is MIT licensed as I am happy to have people use it as example code, etc.

If you have an interest in low latency audio on Windows 10 UWP, I hope this is helpful to you, and please drop me a line.  I will certainly be interested in any pull requests, though I will need to make sure all tests still pass and all apps still work, and I will want the code style to be preserved.  No delete statements allowed!

Now, finally, I can get back to work on Holofunk itself… with about 100x the audio horsepower under the hood.  Can’t freaking wait.


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2018/03/24 at 21:25

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