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Good bye, Blogger

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If you’ve read this blog before, you may have noticed it now looks different.  I’ve moved from Blogger to WordPress, and based on experience so far, I’m not looking back.

Well, actually I guess I will, because it’s worth blogging about 🙂  I created this blog on Blogger almost three years ago.  The features Blogger had when I created this blog are almost exactly the features Blogger has today.

In some ways this was sort of fine.  I was used to the simple little textarea Blogger post window.  I was accustomed to the minimalist comments handling and the fairly clunky UI.

But then I took a hiatus from blogging, and when I came back, my most recent posts were fairly heavily spammed.  And that was not acceptable.

It’s odd, because Google is good at dealing with spam in Gmail.  Never had spam one there.  But both Google Groups and Blogger are definite spam victims at this point.  Google has a hit or miss record with its products, and Blogger has definitely been neglected.

WordPress, on the other hand, is widely considered to have the best spam control in the blogging industry.  I can already say that the blog editing UI is streets ahead of Blogger.  The content import from Blogger seems to have worked great.  So far I’m quite pleased, and willing to pay the $10 per year for domain mapping.

I am also working on a content revival for this blog.  Stay tuned!


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2010/03/10 at 07:59

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