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Matthew is born!!!!!

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I’m overjoyed to announce that at 2:05 AM on Monday, July 30, our son Matthew Thomas was born.

He’s a 9 pound 5 ounce bundle of joy. He’s sleeping well, nursing a lot (gaining his ounce a day — hardly lost any weight after birth), and his big sister loves him, as you can see ๐Ÿ™‚

Michelle, my wife, is resting and recovering, along with taking wonderful care of him. I’m taking time off work to care for them both, as well as for our daughter Sophie.

We are incredibly blessed. And what’s more, our family is now complete. After having two oversized kids, with difficult births both times, we’re done… we’re going to count our blessings, quit while we’re ahead, and move from child-birthing to child-rearing for good.


Thanks to everyone who’s sent congratulations and other good wishes.

What’s more, we’re even getting down to enough of a routine that I can think about blogging and hacking again ๐Ÿ™‚ It’d go a bit more quickly if I hadn’t just gotten a sore throat… but anyway, stay tuned.


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2007/08/09 at 03:21

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