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GWT RPC presentation, by popular demand

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A couple of months ago, I was honored to learn that I’ll be doing a presentation at the upcoming Pearson GWT conference in San Francisco in early December. I’m quite grateful for this opportunity.

What’s more, I just learned that they’re giving me a discount code! Head to the site and enter code GW-JELL for $100 off the registration fee. Woo!

Originally I contacted Pearson with the suggestion that I might do a GWT/JSF talk, but there wasn’t enough room on the agenda for that. Instead they’d planned to have Miguel Mendez (the author of the GWT RPC code) do a presentation about RPC in GWT. It turns out that he can’t make it. So I’ll be presenting on it instead. It’ll be impossible for me to do as good a job as Miguel would do, but I’ll give it my best shot. (Thankfully it’s the area of GWT that I understand better than any other!)

So the next question is, what exactly should I discuss? I’d like to throw this open to the community to some extent. If you were going to a presentation on GWT’s RPC, what would you want to learn about?

I’ll start by listing the things I personally want to know more about (from most to least):

  • how to use GWT RPC with Hibernate or other Java persistence frameworks (particularly interaction with lazy loading)
  • best practices for scoping the object graphs you send in RPC (to manage problems of updating server state in a large object graph)
  • Java 5 support in GWT RPC: how generics are handled in GWT 1.5
  • organizing your RPC code for best readability and easy sequencing
  • integrating with JSF, Spring, and other server frameworks

Obviously this is way too much already for a mere hour-long presentation, but that’s my problem, not yours 🙂

I’d appreciate it if people could post their favorite topics. If you can list them in order from most urgently interesting to least, that would help me.

I’ll be working with Miguel to refine the presentation over the next couple of months (thanks, Miguel!). There’ll also be some blog posts coming out of it. And I’ll see you in San Francisco in December!


Written by robjellinghaus

2007/11/06 at 04:13

Posted in GWT, Java

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