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Very sorry for the hiatus, everyone (all twenty-some of you, according to Feedburner — it was forty-plus until Oct 1, then Feedburner’s stats rolled over and HALF OF YOU DISAPPEARED!!!). I know I just blew my “every two weeks” rule. And my hoary old excuse — “I’ve been sick” — has only one redeeming quality: boy, is it ever true. Our two-year-old brought home a cold that went straight to my throat and destroyed my vocal cords on the way to my lungs, where it transformed into a baker of the worst cookies ever. EVER. Combine that with some epic work-related stress immediately prior, and you have the perfect off-the-air recipe.

I’m not 100% yet, but I’ve gotten well enough to be able to think about things other than child care and how sick I am. So, my apologies. I’m about to go into high gear to make up for it — I’ve actually got about a dozen posts saved up and they’re going to start hitting every few days for a couple of weeks. Stay tuned, there’s a veritable manifesto on the way!

Ultimately I’m shooting for more of a weekly rhythm (if not more often), since biweekly is just too seldom.

Anyway, thanks for your patience, and I’ll try to stay healthy for a good long while. (Though with a baby AND a toddler in the house, and winter coming, good health is a guaranteed impermanent condition….)


Written by robjellinghaus

2007/10/11 at 04:03

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