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Every Two Weeks

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[Crossposted to my other blog.]

Blogging’s still new to me. The only thing I really know about it so far is that while there’s an infinity of posts to make, there’s only finite time to make them. And that time is in high demand, mainly from family, but also from all the other great projects that aren’t blog-writing.

So I have to set some kind of deadline for myself. And that is: two weeks. I must, and will, post in both my blogs at least every two weeks.

I’m setting that deadline because I notice my reaction when going to other blogs: if I see the latest post is a month or more old, it’s a sign that the person’s really way too busy to blog, and that the blog’s an afterthought to them. It’s also a sign that who knows when the next post might be?

But if the last post was a week or so ago, that’s still timely. Two weeks is pushing it, but based on my experience so far, it’s the most I can commit myself to.

So, that’s my promise to you: I’ll update both my blogs every two weeks at most. Feel free to flame me if I don’t!

…Except for the next month, because we’re expecting my wife to go into labor sometime in the next three weeks, which means all bets are off 🙂


Written by robjellinghaus

2007/07/13 at 04:46

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