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Sorry for the hiatus of the last few days. My parents are in town and there’s been lots of grandparental fun, and I’ve also been kind of blocked on posting here.

I’ve been in a quandary about this blog, which is that I have too many topics I want to blog about, and not all of them are actually software-related. Should a blog titled have posts about religion, or family, or whatever else I might want to say that isn’t really code-related?

After getting a lot of advice from various people (thanks Bill Harris, Francis Potter, Bob Lee, and my father Norman), I decided that no, it shouldn’t. Part of blogging is developing an audience, and I’m not (quite) egocentric enough to think that everyone who’s interested in my programming posts will share all my other interests. I’d rather have opt-in than opt-out, in other words.

So I’ve started another blog — That’s where all the non-software topics will go. I’ll occasionally crosspost, but it’ll be very much the exception. I’ve also cleaned up the labels on this blog to avoid the weirdness of a “non-software” label on a blog named “robjsoftware” 🙂

Thanks for your patience. Now that my definitional issues are sorted, content will resume flowing shortly. (And I promise I’m done making new blogs now!)


Written by robjellinghaus

2007/06/14 at 07:11

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