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Blog dilemmas

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  • Many small posts or few large ones?
  • Why does Blogger do such a terrible job of scaling your profile picture?
  • Should I tell everyone on God’s green earth about my blog right away, or should I post a lot and then start spamming about it once I actually have some content?
  • How many people actually read through your back posts anyhow?
  • Given that there’s only so much spare time, how much of it should I spend programming, how much should I spend blogging, how much should I spend reading blogs, and how much should I play one of the dozens of computer games that stare at me longingly from the shelf, wondering where my love went?
  • Is this template just too ugly for people to stand for even one minute?
  • Why is Blogger’s edit window so d**n small?
  • Can I say d**n without the asterisks in this blog?
  • Is editing posts after they’re published bad form, even if you think of lots of things you forgot to say?
  • Am I interested in — and liable to blog about — too wide a variety of topics to attract any readership whatsoever?
  • Who is this blog for anyway, myself or everyone else? Is blogging like art — something that exists only in relationship to an audience?

Written by robjellinghaus

2007/06/08 at 05:45

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